Expression of Intestinal and Lung Alkaline Sphingomyelinase and Neutral Ceramidase in Cystic Fibrosis F508del Transgenic Mice.
Lena Ohlsson; Lena Hjelte; Michael Hühn; Bob J Scholte; Martina Wilke; Malin Flodström-Tullberg; Åke Nilsson
Quality of Life in Adolescents With Treated Coeliac Disease: Influence of Compliance and Age at Diagnosis.
Gudrun Wagner; Gabriele Berger; Ursula Sinnreich; Vasileia Grylli; Edith Schober; Wolf-Dietrich Huber; Andreas Karwautz
Comparison of a Novel Whole Blood Transglutaminase-based ELISA With a Whole Blood Rapid Antibody Test and Established Conventional Serological Celiac Disease Assays.
Tiina Raivio; Ilma R Korponay-Szabó; Tuula Paajanen; Merja Ashorn; Sari Iltanen; Pekka Collin; Kaija Laurila; Éva Nemes; Judit B Kovács; Géraldine Carrard; Mika Saramäki; Markku Mäki; Katri Kaukinen
Lymphocytic Gastritis and Celiac Disease in Indian Children: Evidence of a Positive Relation.
Kaushal K Prasad; Babu R Thapa; Sadhna Lal; Arun K Sharma; Chander K Nain; Kartar Singh
Long-Term Outcome in Patients With Short Bowel Syndrome After Longitudinal Intestinal Lengthening and Tailoring.
K Reinshagen; C Kabs; H Wirth; N Hable; J Brade; K Zahn; C Hagl; I Jester; KL Waag
Effects of Infliximab and Parenteral Nutrition on Albumin and Fibrinogen Synthesis Rates in Pediatric Crohn Disease.
Steven J Steiner; Marian D Pfefferkorn; Joseph F Fitzgerald; Scott C Denne
Desquamative Enteropathy and Pyloric Atresia Without Skin Disease Caused by a Novel Intracellular [beta]4 Integrin Mutation.
Camilla Salvestrini; John A McGrath; Linda Ozoemena; Khaled Husain; Eman Buhamrah; Nasim Sabery; Alan Leichtner; Paul A Rufo; Antonio Perez-Atayde; Cate H Orteu; Franco Torrente; Robert B Heuschkel; Michael A Thomson; Simon H Murch
A Dietary Fiber Mixture versus Lactulose in the Treatment of Childhood Constipation: A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial.
Freddy TM Kokke; Petra AMJ Scholtens; Martine S Alles; Tom S Decates; Theo JW Fiselier; Jules JM Tolboom; Jan LL Kimpen; Marc A Benninga
Altered Bile Acid Metabolism in Childhood Functional Constipation: Inactivation of Secretory Bile Acids by Sulfation in a Subset of Patients.
Alan F Hofmann; Vera Loening-Baucke; Joel E Lavine; Lee R Hagey; Joseph H Steinbach; Christine A Packard; Terrance L Griffin; Dale A Chatfield
The Constipated Child: Is There a Correlation Between Symptoms and Manometric Findings?.
Lisa Feinberg; Lori Mahajan; Rita Steffen
Lack of Diagnostic Utility of Specific Immunoglobulin M in Helicobacter pylori Infection in Children.
Carolina A Serrano; Carmen G González; Antonio R Rollan; Ignacio Duarte; Javiera Torres; Alfredo J Peña; Paul R Harris
Duodenal Bulb Biopsies in Celiac Disease: A Multicenter Study.
Margherita Bonamico; Enina Thanasi; Paolo Mariani; Raffaella Nenna; Rita Pia Lara Luparia; Cristiana Barbera; Isabella Morra; Pietro Lerro; Graziella Guariso; Costantino De Giacomo; Serenella Scotta; Stefano Pontone; Francesco Carpino; Fabio Massimo Magliocca; and the Società Italiana di Gastroenterologica, Epatologia, e Nutrizione Pediatrica

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